2016 Faculty

Kariuki Njenga , Ph.D

Director and Research Professor
OH Unit at the Kenya Medical Research Institute and Washington State University (based in Kenya)

Dr Kariuki Njenga is a leader in the field of One Health (OH) approach for preventing and controlling emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Presently, he is a part-time research professor at Washington State University (based in Kenya), head of the OH Unit at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, and also serves as a GIS consultant on OH and Biosafety and Biosecurity.

Dr Njenga holds a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Nairobi,Kenya, and PhD from the Pennsylvania State University, USA. He is a trained virologist with research experience in paramyxoviruses, Rift Valley fever virus, Influenza virus, and other zoonotic viruses.

Dr Njenga served as Laboratory Director of the regional Global Disease Detection program of United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Kenya where he established a BL-3 laboratory and served as the lead laboratory scientist during the 2006/7 RVF epidemic in Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania. He also served as the lead laboratory scientists during the highly pathogenic influenza H5N1 epidemic in Nigeria in 2007/8. As a GIS consultant, Dr Njenga has participated in the process of establishing a OH program in Uganda and Tanzania, and served as technical advisor during the process of developing a Biosafety and Biosecurity bill and policy for Kenya. He spearheaded the establishment of a OH office in Kenya, referred to as the Zoonotic Disease Unit (ZDU), whose goal is enhancing collaboration between the human and animal health sectors in order to promote better prevention and control of zoonotic diseases. Dr Njenga has served in various FAO and WHO panels tackling emerging and re-emerging diseases.